Gender Sensitivity

Knowledge and application of theoretical and practical approaches to developing and sustaining gender sensitivity processes required for gender mainstreaming.



Competency Area



Theoretical knowledge on gender sensitivity

Describes various concepts pertaining to gender sensitivity

Demonstrates theoretical knowledge on gender sensitivity, including the complex structures of gender relations in society

Links gender sensitivity to gender mainstreaming in an organisational/departmental setting

Links gender sensitivity to gender mainstreaming

Recognises that gender sensitivity comprises of three elements; commitment, methodological skills, and specialist knowledge

Applies theoretical knowledge of gender sensitivity to reflect on gender relations at the workplace

Documents the relevance of gender sensitivity in gender mainstreaming tools (gender analysis, gender audit, gender budgeting, etc.)

Applies theoretical knowledge to workplace

Demonstrates basic gender sensitivity concepts and their application to programs, policies, and initiatives

Reviews the effectiveness of gender sensitivity trainings through intermediate outcomes, long-term impacts, etc.

Informs gender mainstreaming through the identification and procurement of gender and sex -disaggregated data

Develops customised gender sensitivity trainings

Implements gender mainstreaming using appropriate methods and tools (gender analysis, gender audit, gender budgeting, etc.)

Designs gender sensitivity trainings that raise awareness amongst decision-makers on gender relations and dynamics

Analyses empirical facts about gender aspects within the organisation/department

Advances gender sensitivity and gender mainstreaming in the workplace

Classifies and interprets gender and sex-disaggregated facts and data to all stakeholders

Institutionalises gender mainstreaming through an organisational/departmental strategy and a clear framework for action

Promotes a culture of accountability for gender mainstreaming