Internet of Things Management

Understand, identify, interpret, and develop IoT solutions towards pre-determined objectives, and improve existing processes.



Competency Area

Technology Roadmapping


Understands IoT scope

Understands the extent and scope of IoT, including its application in various domains (agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.)

Recognises the importance of sensors and sensing techniques in adding digital intelligence to physical devices

Visualises and communicates the intersection between human culture and digital information systems

Aware of basic IoT terminology (IoT products, sensors, IoT smart devices, etc.)

Identifies IoT products, resources, and architectures

Identifies IoT products (products that combine hardware and software, measure real-world signals, connect to the internet, etc.)

Consolidates data on the three key aspects of IoT; data sensing, data analysis, and communication capabilities

Comprehends the architectural design of IoT virtual resources, including the three layers

Maintains an updated understanding of communications within IoT, specifically things to things communications

Interprets IoT through use cases

Analyses and leverages IoT data for several use cases (scientific research, new decision-making processes, real-time monitoring, etc.)

Explores IoT solutions that can power information-driven improvements at the organisational, project, and/or departmental level

Differentiates between network management and IoT management with a focus on communication capabilities

Develops IoT solutions

Designs IoT solutions embedded in best practices across applications and industries

Streamlines IoT challenges, with particular reference to data (control, monitoring, processing, privacy etc.)

Manages existing and developing IoT solutions though data management, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence tools

Champions IoT solutions

Promotes IoT as a tool for improving operational and organisational efficiency

Administers IoT solutions for management (reducing time wastage, increasing team collaborations, etc.)

Places people at the heart of IoT to ensure sustained successes