Change Management

Understands, contributes and drives the implementation of change management processes required for effectively supporting, planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining change.



Competency Area

Programme Management


Programme Management

Recognises the different types of change(s) that can occur within a department, project, or organisation (adaptive, transformative, etc.)

Gathers resources to support the initial stages of change formulation

Understands the compelling need for a change initiative

Suggests incremental changes, as determined through day-to-day experiences

Contributes to change planning

Contributes to the planning of change(s) by producing relevant research, and identifying key questions, stakeholders, and areas of concerns

Proposes a refinement of change(s) to ensure the optimisation of present and future resources

Drafts a communication strategy for all stakeholders associated with and impacted by change(s)

Prepares implementation roadmap for change

Conducts impact and stakeholder assessments

Prepares implementation roadmap for change(s), including a change initiative plan, risk-mitigation plan, and a stakeholder engagement plan

Monitors progress to identify early successes and challenges

Provides early change examples for all stakeholders associated with and impacted by change(s)

Drives implementation of change

Drives the implementation of change(s) by coordinating with all key stakeholders

Ensures impacts associated with change(s) are identified and managed

Provides regular updates on the implementation roadmap, with a focus on bottlenecks and areas of concern

Monitors and sustains change

Reinforces change(s) and makes adjustments if required

Engages with leaders and employees to execute change(s)

Aligns expectations with all stakeholders regarding the scope and impact of the change initiative

Evaluates early successes and challenges as the foundation for long-term sustained change

Monitors and measures the impact of change(s)