Technology roadmapping

Understand, recognise, design, and visualise a technology roadmap to plan for new and existing technology-focused solutions in the government.



Competency Area

Technology Roadmapping


Understands technology roadmaps

Demonstrates a basic understanding of technology roadmaps, including its various uses (product planning, service planning, strategic planning, long-range planning, programme planning, etc.)

Documents evolving and developing technologies related to the broader vision

Explores technology roadmaps within broader themes of technology management and planning, including the link between technological resources and changing environments

Searches for relevant technologies

Recognises which type of technology roadmap to use keeping in mind the broader vision

Scouts for relevant technologies using a systematic scouting approach

Understands the link between relevant technologies, internal processes, and the broader vision

Supports roadmap development through research and software tools

Utilises graphical planning tools (program evaluation and review technique, GANTT, etc.)

Experiments with different representations of roadmaps (layers, bars, tables, graphs, text, etc.) based on intended purpose

Analyses local and global trends to form assumptions about future technological developments

Develops technology roadmap

Designs a technology roadmap which plans for a range of potential scenarios

Quantifies the financial and societal value of a technology

Uses probability tools and methods to identify bottlenecks and develop innovative solutions

Adapts roadmap to updated conditions and trends

Promotes roadmaps through appropriate settings

Uses the roadmap to visualise a connection between day-to-day tasks and the broader vision

Establishes clear channels of communication on technology oriented projects, between internal and external stakeholders

Measures impact of the technology roadmap