Support, prepare, forecast, and manage the budget for a specific organisation, period of time and/or project, in order to create a financial plan.



Competency Area



Supports the budgeting process

Supports budget process through data collection and data entry

Recognises internal and external sources of information used for preparing the budget

Identifies internal financial systems and their uses

Understands the budgeting process

Supports budget process by analysing historical revenues and expenses to forecast income and expenditure

Demonstrates purpose and use of budgeting for planning, coordinating, authorising, and cost control

Identifies legal and regulatory requirements associated with budget execution

Anticipates budgeting requirements

Anticipates and calculates independent sections of the budget using historical data Identifies priorities and mandates, and links them to potential issues in the budget Demonstrates knowledge of budgeting methodologies that can be used to maximise resources within legal and regulatory requirements

Prepares budget

Prepares different types of budgets using historical data, forecasting techniques, and plan assumptions

Integrates information from various stakeholders into the budget

Recommends budgeting methodologies keeping in mind legal and regulatory requirements

Manages budget

Designs, reviews, and adapts the budget to reflect changing environments

Provides strategic input from a budgetary standpoint

Understands and reports complex budgets to stakeholders in a clear and appropriate format