Working together as a unit for the common goal. Building teams through mutual trust, respect and cooperation.



Competency Area



Cooperates with others

Willingly complies with the team decisions, is a good team player, does his or her share of the work

Willingly gives support to co-workers and works collaboratively rather than competitively

Shares all relevant information with the team members, provides ideas, inputs and suggestions

Deals honestly and fairly with others, showing consideration and respect

Appreciates Positive Attitudes and expresses positive expectations of team

Has a positive attitude towards team members

Communicates their expectations towards others positively, in terms of their abilities, expected contributions, etc.

Acknowledges the work of others

Speaks positively about the team members, when either communicating with them directly or to a third party

Shares experiences, knowledge, and best practices with team members

Assumes responsibility for own work activities and coordinating efforts

Encourages others

Publicly and formally credits others who have performed well

Encourages and empowers others, making them feel strong and important

Builds relationships with team members and with other inter-/intra-Department work units

Encourages others to share experience, knowledge and best practices with the team

Works to build team commitment

Promotes good working relationships rising above the bias

Collaborates with other Departments to work towards a larger goal

Capitalises on opportunities and efficiently utilises diverse talents of the team members

Works towards building positive team environment and addresses descriptive behaviour such as threats, insults, stereotyping or exaggerations