Self Awareness and Self Control

Identifies one’s own emotional triggers and controls one’s emotional responses. Maintains a sense of professionalism and emotional restraint when provoked, faced with hostility or working under increased stress. It includes resilience and stamina despite prolonged adversities.



Competency Area



Is aware of self and restrains emotional impulses

Aware of own feelings, strengths and weaknesses

Aware of the connection between own feelings and their impact on own actions and performance

Reads situations rationally

Resists the temptation to act impulsively

Remains calm in stressful situations and listens to others’ point of view

Responds calmly

Aware of how one’s emotions and actions impact others

Conducts rationally even under strong internal emotions

Knows what emotional ‘hot buttons' he/she has and avoids situations that will cause emotional responses

Acts calmly and respectfully towards others despite difficult situations

Has an honest understanding of own weaknesses and strengths

Manages stress effectively

Actively manages self-effectiveness in different situations by thoroughly understanding of one’s own responses

Uses stress management techniques to deal with stress and control responses

Responds constructively and professionally to extreme challenges, provocation and/or professional disappointments

Continues providing effective leadership in situations of stress or adversity

Managing self and others under high stress or adversity

Calms others during stressful situations (by remaining calm, listening attentively)

Diffuses stressful situation and lightens the environment for example by humour, presenting analogies etc

Coaches and mentors others on ways to manage stress

Accepts negative feedback in a mature manner

Nurtures a culture of rationality and calm behaviour

Able to maintain focus and stamina for self and others in prolonged adversity

Nurtures a culture to identify and dissolve stressors by better planning and analysing the past instances

Creates and promotes culture of calm behaviour in a large group or organisation

Improvises and innovates to out-manoeuvre stressful situations to attain expected results