Developing Others

Genuinely believes in others’ capabilities to develop and takes personal responsibility for their development. Creates a positive environment for learning and provides developmental opportunities for individuals and teams.



Competency Area



Expresses positive expectations of others

Makes positive comments regarding others’ future development, particularly those who may be perceived as not having high potential

Believes that others want to and can learn to improve their performance

Provides guidance and detailed instructions

Explains how to do a task, with detailed instructions and demonstration

Provides practical support with the aim of developing others depending on their needs

Expresses positive expectations for the development of others

Ensures learning and development and provides specific feedback

Reviews work delivery and provides timely, constructive, and specific feedback in key strengths and areas for improvement

Encourages team members to develop learning and career plans and follows up to guide their development and measure progress

Values different personal needs of the team members and uses this understanding to promote inclusiveness

Ensures diversified exposure for team members, for example, opportunities to work on stretched projects

Empowers for long-term development

Takes risks on others to enable them to grow, by delegating responsibility and decision making

Allows others to learn from mistakes in non-critical settings

Provides mentoring support and direction to attain the team members’ learning needs for the long-term development

Creates an inclusive environment, from which all staff, including under-represented groups, can develop

Develops future leaders

Continuously assesses the talent requirements and proactively manages talent pipeline to ensure operational excellence

Institutionalises mechanisms that support continuous learning and improvement

Manages and develops teams with an acute awareness of inclusiveness, equality, and diversity

Builds capacity-development strategies to support career development for all employees