Problem Solving

Understanding a situation by breaking it into smaller parts, organising information systematically, and setting priorities



Competency Area



Breaks down problems

Breaks down complex issues into smaller parts for easier analysis

Collects and analyses related information from a variety of sources

Is able to effectively sift through information

Identifies the links between situations and given information

Identifies basic relationships

Identifies the cause-and-effect relationship between two aspects of a situation

Develops an action plan based on causal relations and pros and cons

Weighs pros and cons of different options

Identifies multiple relationships

Able to diagnose multiple cause and effect relationships in a problem (ability to see several potential causes of an event or several events)

Develops potential solutions and identifies risks involved

Develops solutions to complex problems

Ability to see the holistic picture

Identifies interdependencies between various components

Communicates complex problems in a simple manner

Develops a solution that attempts to address the complexities at different levels

Generates options to address the problem in its entirety

Creates solutions that address not only immediate issues (quick fixes) but also takes steps for medium to long-term impact of the solutions