Result Orientation

High drive for achieving targets and competing against a standard of excellence.



Competency Area



Focusses on doing what is expected

Tries to do the job well and as expected

Works towards meeting timelines and expresses a desire to do better

Is mindful of waste, inefficiency and red-tapism while discharging duties

Creates own measures of better results

Keeps track of and measures outcomes against a higher standard of performance

Consistently ensures on-time delivery of quality work

Exhibits creative ways to meet departmental goals and priorities.

Makes suggestions on how work processes can be improved

Consistently improves systems as well as performance

Regularly makes specific changes in the system or in own work methods to improve performance

Takes the initiative to ensure that key objectives are consistently achieved

Monitors efficiency of work practices and modifies them to provide better service

Works to achieve tasks better, faster, and more efficiently; and looks to improve quality, community satisfaction, and morale, without setting any specific goal

Sets challenging goals for the organisation and works to meet them

Helps set stretched but achievable goals by the team

Benchmarks against standards of excellence and continually strives for superior performance

Motivates, encourages others to set higher benchmarks and strive for superior performance

Continually looks to adapt leading practices from other departments/organisations to improve performance

Creates a culture of achieving challenging goals

Uses a variety of methods to help team members to attain higher levels of performance

Recognises and rewards innovation, setting higher benchmarks to create a culture of high achievement

Encourages and rewards continuous review and improvement of work processes

Inspires individuals to consistently exceed performance targets