Leading Others

Ability to engage, energise and enable the team to excel.



Competency Area



Shares information/ reasons to motivate

Openly and proactively shares information

Explains the reasons for a decision taken

Makes sure the team has all the necessary information

Regularly updates team regarding changes and decisions made on related work

Promotes team effectiveness

Creates conditions that enable the team to perform at its best (for example, setting clear direction, providing appropriate structures, and attracting the right people, etc)

Uses a structured approach to promote team morale and productivity, such as team assignments, cross-training, etc

Gets member’s input in order to promote effectiveness of the team or process

Formulates clear objectives for team members to perform

Welcomes and takes into account positive as well as negative feedback

Backs the team

Defends the team and its reputation in public and stands by it

Secures the required level of support and development for both members and the leadership within the team

Encourages and promotes a culture of open feedback and takes corrective action wherever required

Resolves conflict, if any, within the team in an effective manner

Assumes leadership

Protects the team and its reputation vis-à-vis the larger organisation or the community

Establishes norms for team behaviour (‘rules of engagement’) and imposes sanctions on its violation

Spots and Grooms Talent

Sets a good example by personally modelling desired behaviour

Motivates the members to buy into the team/organisation’s policy and mission

Empowers, inspires, and energises the team to understand and thrive in the changing environment

Communicates a compelling vision

Communicates and creates buy-in for a compelling vision, that inspires confidence and generates enthusiasm and passion

Inspires people in rising to the challenge of meeting the goals of Civil Services

Is charismatic and is recognised as an outstanding team builder across departments