Organisational Awareness

Understanding of the organisation’s mandate, structure, policies, processes, norms and its interface with other organisations. It also includes an understanding of the organisation’s informal structures, power dynamics, and constraints.



Competency Area



Understands formal structure

Understands the formal structures within the legal and political environment and knows who the key decision-makers are

Understands chain of command, positional power, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, etc

Understands informal structure

Effectively uses both formal and informal networks within Civil Services for acquiring information, assistance, and accomplishing work goals

Recognises customs, norms, specific language of the organisation

Recognises key players, decision-influencers organisational constraints

Applies this knowledge when the formal structure does not work as desired

Understands different perspectives and agendas

Able to visualise others’ perspectives

Able to articulate the agenda and concerns of stakeholders

Able to interpret the dynamics of various stakeholders

Keeps oneself abreast of internal dynamics and external environment

Recognises coalitions and implications of their agendas

Able to identify different coalitions which are either hidden or less obvious

Understands the objectives of the different coalitions and their impact on the organisation

Understands the implication of the broad social and economic context for the Civil Services

Able to form unconventional partnerships to drive Organisational Agenda

Predicts the building of coalitions or unstated agendas, and its wider implications

Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the socio-political and economic context and its implications

Anticipates trends in the political environment and their impact on the organisation

Able to anticipate the creation of coalitions and agendas of different factions, and the multiple implications of these on the organisation

Operates successfully in a variety of social, political, and cultural environments