People First

Passion for serving people with special care for the marginalized and disadvantaged. Being approachable, welcoming, caring and rising above all biases while interacting with people. Understands the needs of the people and constantly strive to improve the services.



Competency Area



Responds sensitively to the needs of the citizens

Understands the needs of the marginalised and disadvantaged, along with the needs of the wider public

Strives to respond quickly to meet their needs in a respectful, helpful and responsive manner

Reports issues that affect service delivery, where necessary

Addresses all the issues of the citizens in an unbiased manner

Ensures that levels of service are maintained ”“ highlights risks or concerns in order to meet community requirements

Understands the value of affirmative action towards the marginalised and disadvantaged

Anticipates the needs of the citizens

Actively seeks information from all sections of community to understand their needs and expectations

Is accessible to all citizens and seeks their feedback to develop a clear understanding of their needs and outcomes

Establishes mechanisms to address feedback from the community about the service provided

Involves a diverse range of staff members, stakeholders, and delivery partners while developing implementation approaches in order to provide clarity on the benefits to the disadvantaged and to improve the quality of service provided to the citizens

Understands issues from others’ perspective, particularly the disadvantaged

Keeps others up-to-date with information and decisions that might affect their area of work

Promote the service to the citizens

Is a role model of positive community service behaviour

Promotes a culture focussed on serving and meeting the needs of the citizens

Thoroughly explores all the sections of the community, including the marginalised and the disadvantaged; and identifies methods to meet their needs ”“ including using new technology where relevant

Tracks trends that will affect their own Department’s ability to meet current and future community needs and continuously strives to provide effective services to the public

Focusses their decision making around the most excluded sections of the society; and designs and monitors the execution of these initiatives

Actively improves the service to the citizens

Uses multiple mechanisms to obtain insights from the community, in order to drive proposals, outcomes and quality in the area

Constantly improves service by managing risks and ensuring service delivery within defined outcomes

Works collaboratively with staff, stakeholders, community, and service delivery partners to deliver against service level agreements

Drives a culture of serving the citizens

Creates an in-depth understanding of the broad range of community requirements in the Department; leads community service outcomes at a strategic level

Works across the Government to deliver best quality service, with a strong focus on the marginalised and disadvantaged

Creates a culture of working with and through delivery partners to establish service levels and outcomes

Incorporates elements of affirmative action into planning and strategy formulation