Monitoring and Evaluation

Identify, develop and manage monitoring and evaluation designs and methods to deliver evidence-based data and information towards effective programme and policy decision-making



Competency Area

Public Policy


Identifies basic monitoring and evaluation designs and methods

Conveys an understanding of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods.(Randomized Control Trials, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Participatory Evaluation.)

Understands the organisation’s evaluation and management processes

Demonstrates knowledge of data collection techniques used in monitoring, evaluation and research.

Participates in designing, quality-assuring or reviewing at least one type of evaluation approach or methodology

Supports and coordinates monitoring, evaluation and communication designs and methods

Demonstrates specialist knowledge and ability to collect, apply and interpret a range of evaluation and research methods and approaches

Prepares data for analysis, such as testing for data accuracy and analyses data from diverse sources, identifying key trends and gaps in information.

Creates a communication plan tailored to various stakeholders

Supports evaluation management practices and suggests improvement to the methods

Manages monitoring, evaluation and communication designs and methods

Applies relevant methods and approaches to support programme and policy design at all stages of programme management.

Develops monitoring, evaluation methods and approaches and collaborates with stakeholders on best practices

Translates technical information to non-technical information for various audiences

Synthesises data and presents recommendations to support strategic decision making on evaluation or programme design

Establishes monitoring, evaluation and research programme strategies, set objectives and standards, and negotiate key milestones and budget

Leads monitoring, evaluation and communication designs and methods

Provides expert and strategic guidance to various stakeholders on all aspects of evaluation design, methods and approaches

Advices others on data collection and analysis, including innovations in data collection

Leads the process in shaping future strategy, communicating key trends and recommendations within the department and to external partners

Develops and reviews communication plans for various stakeholders and presents the data with authority and confidence and objectively

Manages and negotiates expectations of multiple stakeholders