Government Scheme Design

Understand, support, develop, and guide the design of Government Schemes for socio-economic development



Competency Area

Public Policy


Understands Scheme Design

Comprehends aspects to be thought through during scheme design, including problem statements and solutions, target beneficiaries, intended outcomes, etc.

Recalls ongoing government schemes, target beneficiary groups, and reported impact under the ambit of the ministry/ department

Lists and differentiates between the various types of Government Schemes in India

Describes well-known programme design approaches such as logical framework approach, theory of change, problem-tree or others

Supports Scheme Design

Conducts research, surveys, needs assessments on possible government scheme design models, problem statements, target beneficiaries, intended outcomes, etc

Researches and evaluates previously implemented models to identify impact and best practices, and refers to existing programme design approaches for designing the scheme

Drafts proposals on financial planning of the scheme

Drafts proposals for supportive structures such as Monitoring & Evaluation Indicators and Quality Assurance Frameworks

Consults and coordinates with government and non-government stakeholders for developing and improving the scheme design

Develops Scheme Design

Formulates a coherent scheme framework aimed at addressing an identified problem statement with an identified target group along with intended outcomes

Applies learnings from previously implemented models and utilises existing programme design approaches to enhance the scheme design

Details a financial plan for assessing financial viability and sustainability of the scheme within the allotted budget

Develops supportive structures such as Monitoring & Evaluation indicators for ascertaining scheme achievement and Quality Assurance Frameworks

Modifies scheme design based on consultations with government and non-government parties

Guides Scheme Design

Appraises the scheme structure in totality and advises on all factors including implementation plan, financial viability, monitoring & evaluation and more

Predicts foreseeable challenges in scheme design and suggests improvements

Assesses the financial suitability of the scheme design to constitutional interpretation and analysis

Evaluates the multi-faceted and cross-sectoral impact of a scheme on other factors, including but not limited to, the environment, gender, disaster management, etc

Promotes the use of existing programme design approaches for improving the scheme design