Regulatory Policy Development

Able to understand, define, and support the development of sector-specific regulatory strategies to contribute to public policies, with a focus on evolving trends in India’s regulatory environment.



Competency Area

Public Policy


Describes role and rationale for government regulation

Understands the role and rationale for government regulation in the public, private, and social sector

Lists types of regulations in India (economic, public interest, environmental, etc.)

Aware of regulatory tools and mechanisms (permits, tariff setting, concession contracts, etc.)

Identifies sector-specific laws and regulations

Defines what regulations seek to achieve in term of social, economic, behavioural, and environmental goals

Documents the history of regulatory institutions and reforms in India, including sectoral trends and studies (telecom, power, education, etc.)

Identifies sector-specific law, regulations, and guidance documents relevant to the regulatory question and issue

Gathers information on sector-specific regulations

Recognises sector-specific regulatory issues and identifies windows of opportunities for the same

Analyses historical and contemporary trends to predict the effect of regulations in the sector

Gathers information pertaining to the sector-specific regulatory question and issue

Develops regulatory strategies

Develops regulatory strategies keeping in mind legal frameworks, existing instruments, compliance, and performance measurements

Streamlines bottlenecks and adapts to changes in the regulatory environment caused by new evidence, trends and/or challenges

Incorporates evidence-based risk management frameworks into regulatory strategies

Informs policy regulatory environment in India

Advocates for an interconnectedness between law, policy and regulations

Resolves regulatory harms through risk, stakeholder, and change management systems

Informs discussions on the practice and evolution of policy regulations in India