Noting and Drafting

Draft and analyse a note, in order to move a proposal for decision making based on the availability of evidence and existing rules and precedents.



Competency Area

Office Management


Support note preparation

Identifies the five categories of cases dealt with in Government of India and the approach to each (Ephemeral, Routine-repetitive, Action-in-Correspondence, Problem -solving and Planning and policy cases)

Understand the different forms of communication within the Government of India and the appropriate format for each (official letter, memorandum, circular, notification, proceedings etc.)

Identifies the different components of drafting a communication (file number, name and address of sender, reference, urgency grading etc.)

Understands how to expertly relate information with background, rules and precedents in connection with an issue under examination

Summarises issues raised in the PUC/FR, using a functional approach to noting

Describes decision points in a note in succinct and separate sentences

Interpret proposed decisions in a note

Follows guidelines in writing a note (eg. self contained summary be put up with every file put up to a Minister /senior officers, all paragraphs in the note-sheet should be numbered consecutively for easy reference etc.)

Checks and supplies missing facts on the questions requiring decision in a note

Assists in the drafting of note backgrounds, analyses and suggestions in English and/or Hindi

Discusses the financial and administrative consequences of all options, using data-driven decision points

Interprets implications of proposed decision(s)/alternative(s), keeping in my the applicability of rules and precedents

Practises making justifiable, plausible, practicable, evidence and rule based decision(s)/alternative(s)/interim action(s), as the case may be

Prepare note and/or draft independently

Prepares a note independently, keeping in mind the urgency and level of disposal

Apply and contextualise research insights to decision-making scenarios

Explains the necessity and sufficiency of every word used in an office note, on the basis of their contribution

Reviews the effectiveness of a note and passses on necessary instructions, if it is not satisfactory

Coordinates with relevant channels to seek advice and opinion while preparing a note

Understands proper flagging, referencing and placement of drafts

Analyse implications of a note

Guides others on preparing a note, including preciseness of previous papers, analysis of issues, justifications, etc.

Analyses a note and the decision for applicability, sufficiency of rules, and financial, legal, or other implications

Justifies and applies procedural knowledge and practical understanding to approve and endorse proposals for the next level

Prioritises a zero gap understanding between themselves and channels of submission