Record Management

Maintain, classify, review, and dispose records to judiciously manage information - with conviction, justification and righteousness across an organisation’s life-cycle, while supporting the documentation of organisational history.



Competency Area

Office Management


Understands purpose of record management

Aware of record classifying and indexing systems, including provisions in the Public Records Act, 1993 and the Public Records Rules, 1998

Understands how record management contributes to the achievement of an organisation’s aims and objectives

Recognises different types of risk in relation to recordkeeping

Distinguishes between record categories

Distinguishes between record categories at the stage of indexing (A - keep and microfilm, B - keep but do not microfilm, C – keep for specified period only)

Describes the legal and statutory responsibilities relating to all non-classified records

Documents trends and best practices with regards to new records management systems and solutions

Supports record classifying

Supports record classifying and indexing systems within the department through index slips

Applies records management principles and practices to organisational aims and objectives while maintaining updated information on current record management systems and provides feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement

Implements all legal and statutory responsibilities relating to availability, whereabouts, retention, storage, cataloguing, retrieval and weeding out of all non-classified records

Guides subordinates in record management

Assembles indexes in a stitched compilation that is available for all stakeholders

Approves proposal for further retention of any record and endorses the proposal for higher authority to approve

Guides subordinates in procedural compliance with regards to evolving rules and regulations

Adapts and supports others in the development and introduces new record management practices and procedures

Monitors record management within the organisation

Compiles and consolidates departmental indexes towards developing an organisational history

Supervises up-keeping and disposal of records, considering organisational aims and objectives.

Initiates special drives and programs related to record management to motivate colleagues to meet required standards and targets.

Monitors the progress of recording and reviewing of files and other relevant document