Financial Planning and Budget Management

Support, coordinate and monitor the creation of expenditure plans of the ministry/department in accordance with its objectives and in adherence to the budget allocation and rules laid down by the Ministry of Finance



Competency Area

Public Financial Management


Supports the creation of financial planning documents and compliance associated with budgetary allocation to the Ministry/Department

Demonstrates knowledge of financial planning process followed in the ministry/department as headed by the Financial Adviser or equivalent officer

Understands the structure of the budget allocated to the ministry/department as well as the obligations that accompany this allocation

Maintains departmental accounts in accordance with Chapter 4 of the General Financial Rules 2017

Comprehends various guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance such as Cash Management Guidelines and prepares documents in adherence to the same

Supports reporting of progress/performance of projects and other continuing schemes of the ministry/department

Coordinates the creation of financial plans for each division/wing of the ministry/department as well as guidelines for adherence to the ministry/department's budget

Leads creation of documents with details of expenditure made by various divisions and wings of the ministry/department against sanctioned grants

Ensures timely and regular submission of prescribed statements, reports and returns to the Ministry of Finance

Oversees release of budgeted amounts for various schemes and programs of the ministry/department

Ensures compliance with the progressive budgeting measures such as gender budgeting, green budgeting etc.

Monitors the financial planning process to ensure alignment with the overall objectives of the Ministry/Department

Monitors expenditure being made by various wings/divs and issues timely warning to Controlling Authorities where the progress of expenditure is not even;

Evaluates progress/performance of projects and other continuing schemes against goals and objectives of the ministry/department

Champions the cause of the ministry/department and advocates for higher allocation of budgetary funds for it

Advocates for improvements in the financial planning process such as evidence-based planning

Advocates compliance with internationally recognised progressive budgetary methodologies such as green budgeting, improved gender budgeting etc.