Project Administration

Understand, maintain, and handle the administrative and monitoring functions of a project to ensure timely implementation of project deliverables while minimising potential project risks (such as project cost overruns, changing administrative priorities etc.)



Competency Area

Project Management


Undertakes basic administrative functions

Identifies the need for the project/scheme and the population/community affected by the project/scheme

Maintain project records in accordance with project and organisational requirements

Understands all administrative processes including payroll, hiring, procurement, training and contracting

Identify the positions and the number of people needed on the project/scheme

Coordinates and follows up with all stakeholders (including inter-department/ministry and external) regarding meetings decisions, data gathering from different administrative subunits, timelines, budget, expected outputs etc.

Maintains project documentation and communication efforts

Supports preparation of project budget using project administration resources (timesheets, timeframes, workflows)

Organises required personnel for project/scheme

Maintains project documentation library, including budgets, project expenditures, stakeholder engagements, and calendars

Create an internal communication and reporting process and templates

Schedules regular meetings, followed by communicating key decisions and actions items

Collects data on project implementation status, outputs and keeps track of project timelines

Drafts project budgets, reports and necessary documentation

Prepares project budget to optimise resources that will achieve a successful outcome within the expected time requirements, project specifications, and budget

Provides necessary documentation to internal and external stakeholders

Develops outlines and drafts of the reports

Designs communication and outreach plans for the project including media relations, blogs, social media

Implements a process to gather informant (provider agency and survivor) feedback

Establishes monitoring, processes, key milestones and budget

Reviews project milestone, budget and progress

Reviews project budget, keeping in mind timeframes and long-term objectives

Manage roles and responsibilities of personnel, debriefings and training requirements

Conducts risk analysis using project documentation, historical patterns, and forecasting insights

Liaises with external stakeholders to assess project status in terms of timelines and resources

Analyse the data integrating findings as a method to improve service provision identifying problems, underserved areas, or gaps in service and evaluate resource utilisation

Advises on budget, milestones, resource augmentation, stakeholder engagement

Finalises and manages project budget based on long-term objectives

Resolves project bottlenecks through relevant forums and stakeholders

Advise project manager on project procedures, resources optimisation, risk management tactics, and timelines

Advices on data collection and analysis, including innovations in data collection and communication and outreach plans

Ensure compliance with regulations and program guidelines set by the funding source.

Communicates project status and negotiates expectations of multiple stakeholders