Budget preparation for Ministry/Department

Creation of a consolidated plan which details out the expected revenue and expenditure of a specific Ministry/Department for a given period of time (generally one financial year) with the objective of efficient use of public resources while effectively achieving the department's objectives



Competency Area

Budget Administration


Supports collection, preparation and coordination of documents mandated by the Budget Circular for contribution to the Union Budget for own Wing/Section/Division

Assists in the collection and preparation of documentation that captures expenditure in previous years and preceding months of the current year

Understands the requirements of the Union Budget from the Ministry/Department as mentioned in the Budget Circular and as per Chap 3 of the General Financial Rules 2017

Demonstrates proficiency in tools that support budgeting at the ministry/department level

Understands the process of budgeting for the ministry/department

Supports consolidation of documents for the entire ministry/department and raises inconsistencies where needed

Consolidates documents from across divisions of the ministry/department in compliance with the laid out rules and procedures and seeks clarifications where needed

Supports preparation of projected requirements of funds for remaining months of current year with full justifications for RE from administrative divisions

Supports preparation of Demand for Grants of the ministry

Supports preparation of outcome budget of the ministry

Escalates inconsistencies in numbers (where applicable) to an appropriate authority

Reviews and revises documentation mandated by the Budget Circular

Interprets the Budget Circular to understand the requirement for the preparation and collection of documents pertaining to the current Ministry/Department

Guides the documentation of expenditure statements from previous years and that pertaining to preceding months of the current year

Oversees preparation of projected requirement of funds for the current year for Revised Estimates and those for the next financial year for Budget Estimates

Oversees the preparation of Demand for Grants of the Ministry/Department

Guides preparation of the outcome budget

Reviews concerns and inconsistencies and makes appropriate adjustments as needed across budgets of Wings/Sections/Divisions

Evaluates and edits documents to ensure alignment with overall goals of the Ministry/Department and the Ministry of Finance

Evaluates the estimates of funds required for Revised Estimates (for the current year) and Budget Estimates (for the next financial year) in light of restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Finance such as MTEF ceiling

Monitors projected requirements and ensures that these are aligned with the overall objective of the Ministry/Department while complying with the macro policy framework laid out by the Ministry of Finance

Ensures that the Demand for Grants issued by the Ministry/ Department is aligned with the Demand for Grants prepared by the Ministry of Finance

Promotes the use of measurable and monitorable outcomes with specified deliverables

Champions the cause of the ministry/department and advocates for higher allocation of budgetary funds for it

Raises policy issues in appropriate fora.

Develops alternate plans to achieve objectives of the ministry/department or modify the same (where needed)