Public Procurement

Plan and support the purchase of goods, services and works by the government in accordance with established rules and procedures as well as in adherence to the goals and objectives of the project/ministry/department.



Competency Area



Understands and supports the procurement process through the creation and processing of pre-bid and bid documents

Demonstrates proficiency in tools associated with public procurement such as GeM, CPPP etc.

Conversant in rules and procedures associated with procurement as given in Chap 6 of the General Financial Rules 2017 along with those given in the Manual for Procurement of Goods 2017, Manual for Procurement of Consultancy and other Services 2017 as well as the Manual for Procurement of Works 2019

Supports the creation of pre-bid and bid documents

Prepares the bidding documents in accordance with the requirements and objectives of the project

Drafts pre-bid documents such as needs assessment report and procurement plan

Drafts bid documents such as RFP, RFQ which include the evaluation, project timelines, payment schedule etc.

Manages relationships with vendors and prospective bidders, collects additional information wherever required to support decision making such as inviting vendors to present their product in detail

Ensures alignment of bidding documents with priority areas such as preferential access to SMEs, domestic manufacturers, inclusion of integrity pact

Monitors the entire procurement process from end to end

Reviews bidding documents to ensure alignment of project objectives with those of the Ministry/Department and availability of budget and other resources

Evaluates bids according to criteria documented in the RFP and in alignment with procedures and rules laid out in Manuals for Procurement as well as the General Financial Rules 2017.

Oversees /monitors the entire process to ensure alignment with objectives of the Ministry/Department

Manages the procurement process with comprehensive issue tracking, resolution process and escalates concerns promptly where needed

Promotes reform in procurement policy with the aim of efficient utilisation of public resources

Handles escalated issues promptly to ensure no delays in procurement

Implements inputs from CVC to improve public procurement policy in order to make officials more accountable, to reduce leakage of funds and curtail or eliminate opportunities for collusion

Participates in government committees which lay down frameworks for improvement of the procurement process

Champions reforms in public procurement to enable it to be at par with global standards

Encourages and cooperates in independent/third party evaluation of public procurement which seeks to measure volume, efficiency and effectiveness of the public procurement process in the country