Data Collection and Analysis

Proactively collect, clean, analyse, and communicate data from a range of stakeholders and sources to reach a conclusion and support decision making.



Competency Area

Decision-making Support Systems


Aware of data collection sources and instruments

Aware of various data collection sources (government websites, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha questions, private sector reports, census data, academic journals, etc.)

Recognises credible data sources and corresponding data collection instruments

Distinguishes between primary and secondary sources of data

Alerts the team if required data already exists

Understands what data to collect and how to collect it

Understands what data to collect in alignment with the larger objective

Develops data collection instruments (surveys, focus group discussions, questionnaires)

Demonstrates knowledge of legal and administrative procedures that may affect data collection

Identifies appropriate departments, individuals, and teams that can guide the process

Effectively collects data and cleans data

Identifies bottlenecks in the data collection process and proposes innovative solutions for the same

Advocates for data collection protocols

Adapts data collection to legal and administrative procedures

Cleans data by focusing on error detection, consistency checks, and identifying missing responses

Conducts preliminary analyses using descriptive statistics

Oversees data collection and analyses data

Monitors data collection by coordinating protocols and designing quality checks

Guides team on the data collection process

Transforms data into relevant information, in alignment with the larger objective

Ensures data analysis supports a strong conclusion

Experiments with new forms of analyses

Communicates the process of data collection and analysis to others

Explains data collection process and data analysis for relevant stakeholders

Communicates the analysis in various forms as appropriate for the audience (presentations, briefs, documents, infographics, etc.)

Advocates for evidence-based decision making