Office Procedures

Monitor and Encourage procedural compliance for secretarial work in accordance with the latest manual on office procedure (CSMOP) towards productive and responsive administration



Competency Area

Office Management


Understands and refers official documents

Understands the intent of office procedures, as listed in the CSMOP (latest version)

Describes position-specific procedures listed in the DARPG SoWs for various positions (such as section officer, multi-tasking staff, etc.)

Attends to written and spoken instructions under close supervision, with respect to official duties stated in the CSMOP and work allocation orders

Utilises the eOffice Digitization Framework to transition towards an electronic environment for file management

Assists in operational support

Demonstrates knowledge of office procedures (management of Dak, file management, etc.), as listed in the CSMOP

Creates standard process sheets to process cases of repetitive nature through various checkpoints,

Provides operational support on daily tasks using procedures and policies, based on feedback and frequent guidance

Identifies and classifies key documents and data for the eOffice digitization process in accordance with the CSMOP

Proposes alternate procedures

Explains the benefits of procedural compliance and illustrates the same through efficient record -management practices

Proposes easier procedural alternatives based on efficiency or sustainability considerations

Applies procedures and policies under occasional guidance, even in difficult circumstances

Coordinates with key stakeholders involved in the transition process from manual to digital for the eOffice digitization process

Oversees procedural compliance

Accommodates and justifies occasional exceptions in procedural compliance to address specific public concern (such as opening an electronic file as against physical file etc.)

Recommends modifications to procedures and processes in the CSMOP manual

Encourages procedural compliance in difficult situations (such as vigilance matters, financial prudence etc.)

Oversees maintenance and information management with regards to office procedures