Parliamentary Work

Oversee and Monitor preparation, maintenance and management of systems and processes to assist in effective information dissemination toward the smooth conduct of the parliamentary affairs



Competency Area

Office Management


Understands the procedures and types of queries/clarifications

Demonstrates knowledge of parliamentary procedures in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (such as Manual of Parliamentary Procedures, Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business)

Receives and registers advance copies of parliamentary documents (such as questions, motions, resolutions, subordinate legislation etc.)

Describes intent and purpose of Registers of Assurances (one for each house)

Gathers information to draft responses for Parliamentary questions, clarifications (such as official statements, short duration discussions)

Drafts responses and maintains registers

Writes responses for parliamentary questions, using authentic sources and facts with due reference

Provides and distributes advance copies of parliamentary documents and papers to each house, within stipulated time period

Maintains the central registry, daks from LS/RS secretariat, Registers of Assurances (one for each house during the course of replies to Questions, discussion of Bills, etc.)

Informs responses for Parliamentary questions and clarifications through research

Reviews responses coordinates administrative functions

Modifies and edits Parliamentary questions and/or other instruments

Advances all work related to Registers of Assurances and meetings of Consultative Committees

Prepares and pursues transfers of Questions, fulfilment of pending Assurances, etc.

Updates senior officials about potential issues that may occur

Coordinates the administrative functions of the Parliament Unit as described in the manuals/guidelines (such as presence of the Parliament Assistant in LS/RS official gallery on question days)

Assigns and Reviews the priority for parliamentary papers as required for further processing

Monitors information status and anticipates issues

Monitors business of Parliament in liaison with the Parliament Unit

Oversees information dissemination within and across the houses (written and verbal), within stipulated time period

Prioritises the use of updated Parliamentary technologies, business types, etc.

Anticipates any quick-hand assistance called for by a higher officer/Minister in the Parliament