Grievance Handling

Practices, establishes, and modifies grievance redressal procedures specific to a ministry/department/organisation (MDO), while generating awareness about their importance to the public.



Competency Area

Office Management


Demonstrates in depth knowledge

Recognises the various channels of grievance redress, specific to MDOs/source of grievances

Understands the types of public grievances, systemic problem areas, and focus areas put forth by citizens, as mentioned by DARPG

Supports preparation of written material (booklets/pamphlets) to promote the grievance redressal procedures and services amongst the public

Demonstrates in depth knowledge of grievance redress mechanisms in the Government of India viz. Nodal agencies and specific to MDOs

Practice grievance redress procedures

Practices grievance redress procedures (acknowledgement, disposal, etc.) within prescribed time limits

Guides subordinates on how to draft seasons replies for rejected grievances and other procedures

Documents and gathers information on the numbers, frequencies, and areas of public grievances received over time

Creates booklets/pamphlets and helps organise meeting less days to generate awareness about grievance redress mechanisms in the government

Recommends changes to grievance redress procedures

Conducts Lok Adalats/Staff Adalats every quarter for quick disposal of public as well as staff/pensioners grievances (if applicable)

Proposes Social Audit Panels or similar machinery for examining areas of public interface, to recommend essential changes in procedures

Analyses the frequencies and area of public grievances received over time to propose modifications

Incorporates feedback from the public to establish a single window system at points of public contact, wherever possible

Establishes grievance redress mechanisms

Establishes robust grievance redress mechanism in the MDO, keeping in mind the types of public grievances that commonly come up

Assesses the efficacy of grievance redress systems in the MDO and associated branches

Monitors and inspects grievance facilities for receipt of grievances viz. complaint boxes, display of contact details, etc.

Instills grievance redress initiatives taken and milestones achieved in the MDOs annual reports and shares the same with the public