Senior Citizen Welfare Management

Design programs, identify frameworks and best practices as well as champion policy that enables senior citizens to live a life of good health, dignity and respect



Competency Area

Support Services


Understands the lived experience of senior citizens, the legal landscape surrounding their rights as well as the programs and schemes of the government designed to support them

Proficient in knowledge of legal provisions such as the The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 that have a direct impact on the welfare of senior citizens

Recognises the socio-economic profile of senior citizens who are dependent on welfare schemes preferably through direct interaction with such citizens in a professional capacity

Lists common geriatric issues

Summarizes policies, programs and schemes available to senior citizens

Supports and designs interventions that enable the empowerment and protection of senior citizens through better care, improved support networks and adoption of best practices

Design and deploy programs focussed on improving the wellbeing of senior citizen

Identify various members in the ecosystem - incentive compatible systems to involve members of the health commmunity, civil society organisaitons and members of the general public to find ways to support senior citizens

Document frameworks for the segmentation and customised care of senior citizens that the organisation is servicing

Synthesize global and national best practices associated with senior citizen care

Promotes the cause of senior citizens at the community and policy level

Scout opportunities for and establish partnerships with health, palliative care and civil society organisations to work together for the welfare of senior citizens

Champion the cause of senior citizens among members of the community and at the policy level through civil society organisations or directly in the capacity of an advocate

Prioritizes research in the area of senior citizen welfare and geriatric care

Advocates for refinement and better enforcement of laws that protect and promote the rights of senior citizens