Community Engagement

Engaging with citizens and members of civil society organisations to gather inputs and feedback as well as explore opportunities for collaboration with the aim of improving service delivery and making governance more citizen-centric



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Supports preparation for and deployment of community engagement plan

Gathers information on the community, its socio-economic parameters, demographic profile as well as history of grievances and past engagements with government agencies, names and profiles of associated civil society orgasnisations etc.

Identifies representative stakeholders and points of contact within the community who will support the engagement process

Lists methods of communication that may be used to reach out to various members of the community categorized according to parameters such as age, literacy, socio-economic attributes etc.

Demonstrates proficiency in community engagement tools such as survey design and deployment

Develops community engagement plan, training and outreach collateral

Synthesizes an engagement plan after incorporating inputs from members of community along with information such as their profile, past relationship with government agencies, nature of grievances etc.

Chooses type and content of collateral to be used for engagement with community members and oversees its creation

Manages deployment of surveys (if any) to collect input from members of the community and oversees analysis of results

Conceptualises material for training and capacity building of members of the community and associated civil society organisations

Tranforms engagements into formal partnerships with the community

Partners with community organisations through formal channels such as MoUs

Oversees progress on commitments and reporting of the same to concerned stakeholders

Management and supervision of training programs and outreach progams aimed at engaging with members of the community and civil society organisations

Evaluates survey results and incorporates them into decision making where possible

Leads efforts to strengthen community partnerships through policy interventions and use of technology

Streamlines collection of inputs from the community through creation of formal grievance redressal and feedback channels

Explores technology to streamline collection of citizen data and feedback and improve quality of inputs received

Champions the cause of citizen centric governance at the state and nationl policy levels

Promotes incorporation of citizen inputs into programs through techniques such as human centred design