Policy Advising

Apply evidence-based analyses to advise and guide the ministry/ department/ organisation (MDO) on key policy choices and implementation strategies, while ensuring they align with long-term objectives.



Competency Area

Public Policy


Demonstrates knowledge of key policies

Demonstrates knowledge of the MDO’s broad mandate, objectives, and schemes

Aware of key policies, regulations, and legislations the MDO is in-charge of

Assists external consultants through research, writing, interviews etc. with regards to policies

Conducts research on key policies

Documents information on the MDOs political and policy context, specific to the policy area

Gathers information on a range of policy options to appraises them based on evidence

Proposes revisions to the work of consultants by gaining clarity from colleagues on the desired outcome

Provides evidence-based inputs

Follows procedures to ensure policy proposals meet the requirements of parliamentary processes

Provides evidence-based inputs for a range policies, programmes, and projects based on research

Coordinates the work of consultants to ensure deliverables are turned in within the stipulated time

Guides MDO on policy choices

Utilises technical expertise and experience to put forward practical recommendations

Applies evidence-based analysis to inform policy choices and implementation strategies

Monitors the work of consultants to ensure it is aligned with broader policy and strategic objectives

Guides the MDO on evolving insights and trends with regards to the policy area

Advises on key policies and outcomes

Shapes new policies and ensures they are aligned with the MDOs long-term objectives

Advises on key strategies and outcomes for planning and implementing

Assesses the work of consultants against existing standards and measures

Anticipates changes in government priorities, to adapt policies accordingly