Transgender Persons Welfare Management

Planning and executing schemes and programs aimed at the rehabiliation, empowerment and skilling of members of the transgender community



Competency Area

Support Services


Understands standards defintions, appropriate terminology and social realities associated with members of the Indian transgender community

Understands basic terminology, biological and legal definitions associated with the transgender community

Recognises the lived experience of the Indian transgender community in terms of factors such as demographic attributes, social and economic status.

Understands the significance and practical implications of The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019

Names various schemes and programs of the central and state government that have been designed to benefit members of the Trans community

Demonstrates basic social work skills such as case management

Contributes to interventions that benefit members of the trans community

Identifies suitable stakeholders for program designed members of the trans community such as rehabilitation, skilling or empowerment programs

Researches ways to sensitize members of the general community towards transgender rights

Fulfills compliance and reporting requirements of various schemes and programs set up to further the interests of the trans community

Scouts and matches prospective beneficiaries to government schemes and programs

Provides specialised services such as counselling to victimised/marginalised members of the trans community

Actively seeks out opportunities and designs programs aimed at the rehabilitation, empowerment and skilling of member of the trans community

Discovers opportunities for the empowerment, skilling and/or rehabilitation of members of the trans community in the form of government schemes and programs

Designs active outreach programs for sensitization of members of the larger community

Estimates budgetary requirements of schemes and programs that benefit member of the trans community

Devises the eligibility criteria for beneficiaries of programs/schemes

Ensures effectiveness of interventions through use of tools such as data analytics, human centred design etc.

Formulates monitoring and evaluation mechanism to measure the effectiveness of programs/schemes

Champions the cause of the trans community by promoting policy level changes, contributing to research and sensitisation of larger community

Champions the cause of transgender community at the state and/or national level - in the form of refining of rights and expansion of economic and empowerment opportunities

Persuades members of the community to contribute to policy at the national/state level

Administers research in the area of transgender welfare

Motivates members of the larger community to advocate for the rights of the community