Partnership and Resource Mobilisation

Oversee partnership and resource mobilisation strategy development and implementation towards fulfilment institution’s objectives



Competency Area

Institutional Partnership


Supports in identifying key actors and partners for mobilising resources

Describes internal and external organisational actors and factors responsible for mobilising resources

Utilises tools such as constituency relationship management tool for tracking donors outreach

Summarises research findings to develop an active pipeline of potential new partners

Assists in integrating resource mobilisation exercises with program development

Assists in organisational and financial analysis to identify potential new partners, and resource mobilisation opportunities (financial needs, donor mapping, target setting)

Develops differentiated approaches to partnership and resource mobilisation based on case studies and global practices

Informs channelization of financial and non-financial resources into various projects and programs in consultation with the program team

Synthesises and interprets funding trends and strategic direction

Manages stakeholder consultation and plan preparation processes

Proposes parameters, timelines and action plan for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the resource mobilisation strategy

Prepares guidelines, templates for guiding individual and institutional donors (such as funding agreement templates) in alignment with the organisation’s rules and procedures

Organises communication with institutional partners to nurture long term relationship and trust (such as project communication plan)

Proposes options for stakeholders for managing voluntary contributions and other resources (such as multi-partner trust fund, funds-in-trust)

Monitors emerging issues that could affect resource contributions and manages divergences from the agreed plan (such as budget revisions)

Reviews funding proposals, briefing notes, concept notes and partnership framework agreements in forging partnership