Employee Engagement

Understand and applies processes, systems and tools that integrate an employee with the larger organisation while balancing their well-being and high performance within the team



Competency Area

Human Resource Administration


Implements HR Policies

Carries out the employee process in letter and spirit

Escalates the issues concerning policy implementation at the appropriate time

Deals with requests for policy exemptions in the most appropriate manner

Provides feedback on specific policy issues regularly

Implements HR Polices sensitively and privdes feedback

Has an 'ear to the ground' on employee issues and can proactively deal with them

Develop mechanisms to gather measurement data and feedback

Implement refinements and enhancements to employee policies

Understands the new IT tools and introduces them to the department that can help generate data on employee engagement

Develops balanced HR Policies

Develops constructive solutions to policy issues

Makes necessary adjustments to policies and interprets policies that help the engagement objectives

Takes responsibility and accountability for the group of employees (or units) assigned for the enagagement scores

Identifies areas of disengagement proactively

Understands power of Engagement as a talent attraction instrument

Makes policy intervetions that benefit employees

Makes business case backed by data to build for policy interventions

Actively participates in employer branding through engagement activties

Evangalises the organisation's climate within external communities to actively build climate and attract talent