Third Party Management

Manage third parties such as contractors, suppliers and vendors to ensure control of work and compliance is in full alignment with the organisation’s policies and standards



Competency Area

Project and Contract Management


Apply appropriate standards, processes and procedures for the coordination of third parties work

Support the coordination of third party work activities

Create effective relationships with third party vendors

Inspect the work of third party suppliers

Ensure third parties conform to the organisation’s standards and practices during execution of work and services

Support third party site and company inductions

Interpret procedures and practices when collaborating with third parties to ensure conformity to policies and procedures

Coordinate third party work activities

Execute work procedures, monitor and control third party work activities

Apply work records of third party work activities ensuring all records and notices are signed off

Identify non- conformance notifications and performance warnings

Review and monitor third party work activities to compliance

Review third party work activities

Review work procedures and monitor the control of third party activities

Review work records of third party work activities and ensure that all records and notices are signed off

Issue non-conformance notifications and performance warnings

Apply third party workplace safety audits and performance audits

Formulate third party and review contract performance against performance criteria and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Review and approve third party contracts and scope of work documents

Set third party performance criteria and KPIs

Review third party audits on contract performance

Continually review third party risks

Build and maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers and contractors

Ensure third parties comply with all organisational regulatory policies and procedures

Review and approve, where appropriate, variations to third party contracts