Test Planning

Develop testing plans and procedures by determining scope and risks, identifying the objects of testing, selecting test methods and tools, and controlling test implementation



Competency Area

Quality Management


Formulate procedures and parameters for the testing of equipment, components and systems

Develop testing procedures based on established plans and product specification requirements

Define testing boundaries and parameters for equipment and systems

Develop challenge test protocols

Prioritise work to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of testing

Determine equipment, tools and personal protective equipment to be used for testing

Oversee final review of testing to ensure compliance with all requirements and specifications

Establish testing objectives and

Verify the functions and capabilities of equipment and systems

Direct responses to failures of challenge tests

Articulate objectives of testing procedures

Develop testing plans based on organisation wide strategies and objectives

Synthesise emerging industry trends, techniques and developments in testing

Plan equipment, components and systems requirements

Develop test plans for assessing need and optimal timelines for equipment and system upgrades

Integrate relevant HSE practices and procedures into the design of testing plans

Ensure equipment and systems are tested within an acceptable timeframe

Liaise with stakeholders to communicate and resolve issues