Technical Inspection

Execute formal inspection exercises to ensure quality, safety, and reliability adhering with technical specifications and compliance requirements



Competency Area

Quality Management


Conduct technical inspections of material, equipment and systems according to work plan

Check inspection and test tools and equipment

Check functional operation of components and systems to ensure adherence to quality and safety standards

Inspect equipment for damages against quality and safety standards

Verify inspection is completed according to inspection plan

Execute technical inspections of material, equipment, systems, and special category components

Determine inspection, test tools and equipment to be used

Examine complex equipment to identify faults

Identify components and systems that do not meet quality and safety standards

Classify faults according to criticality and organise corrective measures

Record faults using appropriate forms and documentation procedures

Ensure work orders are completed effectively

Report inspection result and necessary follow-up to appropriate personnel

Develop technical inspection plans and procedures and review effectiveness

Review work order and specifications to determine inspection requirements

Confirm inspection procedures to be applied

Review technical inspection procedures to ensure effectiveness