Quality System Management

Establish quality assurance policy and management system for services to ensure compliance with internal quality requirements, client expectations, international quality standards and/or regulations



Competency Area

Quality Management


Apply quality procedures when carrying out daily work to meet quality system requirements

Plan daily work to meet quality system requirements

Adhere to quality system requirements

Perform in-process QC checks

Take action for out-of- control conditions

Maintain and improve work quality according to relevant quality frameworks, policies and requirements

Supervise Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) and Quality Management System (QMS) audits

Plan and supervise work activities to meet QA/QC and QMS requirements

Conduct QA/QC inspections and measurements

Conduct document review to ensure conformity of the QMS with audit criteria

Apply relevant analyses, reviews, inspections, and/or measurement methodologies as determined by quality standards

Collect, mine and interpret data in compliance with quality standards

Observe workplace activities and conditions to collect relevant information in accordance with audit plans

Monitor the QMS to flag potential quality issues with products and services

Report any abnormalities and problems encountered in carrying out, maintaining and improving work quality

Recommend corrective measures for QC

Prepare internal QMS audit report

Manage Quality Management System (QMS) processes to fulfil QMS requirements and improvement

Apply appropriate quality tools for different customer segments

Set relevant metrics and KPIs for process monitoring

Evaluate outcomes of implementing quality assurance procedures against legal and organisational QMS parameters

Detect and report variations in the quality of operations, services or products from required standards

Provide technical advice regarding potential hazards, safety risks and control measures so that monitoring and preventative action can be undertaken and/or appropriate authorities consulted

Document QMS improvement activity reports

Drive internal and external quality assurance by establishing Quality Management System (QMS) processes and procedures

Develop QA/QC processes and procedures and product and service quality requirements in compliance with international quality standards and organisation's policy

Establish internal audits, checklists and forms for respective departments

Assign roles and responsibilities for executing quality assurance activities across relevant departments and incumbents

Develop a QA/QC competency framework for functional training

Facilitate and review findings from external audit to rectify non- compliances

Consolidate audit findings to prepare reports on QMS and QA/QC performance

Analyse reports to highlight QMS gaps and training needs Implement industry best- practices and improvement initiatives to address QMS and QA/QC gaps

Maintain quality control record systems

Advocate the organisation’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) and benchmark existing system against global and local practices for improvement

Source and review relevant industry benchmarks for best practice in quality

Evaluate organisation’s quality management systems’ performance against relevant industry benchmarks

Formulate the organisation's QA/QC policy and objectives in alignment with international quality standards and requirements as well as key client and stakeholder expectations

Devise a QMS for the organisation to achieve its objectives based on industry best-practices

Embed a quality culture across the organisation by establishing promotions and reward schemes to encourage adoption and adherence to the QMS

Establish promotions and reward schemes to encourage adoption and adherence to the organisation’s quality management systems

Analyse the organisation’s gaps and evaluation data and implement improvements

Conduct opening and closing of external audits

Obtain approval from clients and auditees to disclose information required by external auditors