Learning and Development- Construction

Manage employees’ learning and development activities to maximise employee’ potential and capabilities to contribute to the organisation



Competency Area

People Development


Leverage learning techniques to enhance employees' development

Select the most appropriate workplace learning methods

Understand the capacities of individual and provide guidance

Provide on-the-job instruction

Set performance standards transparently and consistently

Supervise work and provide timely feedback

Leverage Organisatipon's T&D plans

Leverage organisation's T&D plans to update and upgrade skills of people as and when available

Proactively start conversation on upgrading skills with team members

Evangelise with Training Departent on specific programmes for own team

Create teams with a mix of right skills and facilitate peer learning

Provide resources and support for learning and development

Periodically analyse skills requirements as against work allocated

Deploy external tools/methods to review current skills of employees

Establish employees’ learning priorities

Establish clear learning outcomes and timeframes

Create opportunities to allow employees to experiment with new skills in a non-judgmental manner

Ensure Alignment with Organisational Strategies

Identify human resource trends that may impact on organisational performance

Establish service standards for the HR function

Translate changes in the construction industry into talent requirements

Bring about stakeholders' interest in Talent Management issues and influence to ensure Talent issues

Manage quiality and reliability of Talent Pipeline at all times

Ensure availability of talent in pipeline

Identify critical roles and feeder positions to provide opportunities to groom successors

Ensure exposure to successors to prepare for any eventuality

Create systems and practices to push senior team to learn and stay agile

Create platforms for engaging with external experts across all relevant fields to challenge current thinking