Emergency Energy Response Management

Respond to emergencies by executing emergency response plans and procedures to mitigate the impact of emergency incidents



Competency Area

Emergency Response and Crisis Management


Respond as an Emergency Response Team (ERT) member in the event of an emergency incident

Respond to emergency as a response team member

Follow ERPs and procedures

Apply appropriate personal protective measures

Notify supervisory staff and support work area personnel during an emergency

Provide post emergency support

Participate in emergency response exercises and drills

Implement Emergency emergency preparedness and readiness of the organisation in the event of an emergency incident

Prepare for fire and Hazmat emergencies

Participate to contain fire emergencies

Participate to contain Hazmat emergencies

Assist in search and rescue operations

Establish procedures and processes to ensure the emergency preparedness and readiness of the organisation

Respond to emergency as a SIC

Execute emergency responses

Activate Emergency Response Teams (ERTs)

Audit emergency response operation

Determine follow up action required and manage clean up teams

Lead ERT preparedness and readiness

Lead emergency response drills

Lead the execution and Emergency Response Plans (ERPs), and communication protocols

Identify the key roles and duties of CERT members

Identify the support required by the Site Incident Controller (SIC)

Implement the Incident Management process during crisis management

Evaluate CERT readiness levels and improvements opportunities

Document the CERT structure