Emergency Response Management

Manage emergency response plans for the range of contingencies affecting work operations such as fire, explosion, power failure, chemical spillage, leakages, collapses, flooding, falling from height and other types of emergencies



Competency Area

Emergency Response and Crisis Management


Participate in emergency response situations and emergency response plans

Respond emergency situations in accordance with the EPRP

Alert supervisors of potential escalation of emergency situations

Communicate risks relating to emergency response plans and suggest areas for improvements

Participate in the conduct of emergency response drills in accordance with the EPRP

Deploy Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans (EPRP) and collaborate with stakeholders

Coordinate the implementation of emergency response plans relevant to the identified emergency scenarios

Communicate EPRP to stakeholders

Identify risks of EPRP and implement improvements as needed

Coordinate the conduct of emergency response drills in accordance with the EPRP

Coordinate the maintenance of emergency response equipment

Develop Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans (EPRP) and collaborate with external entities

Establish internal procedures for notifying and escalating relevant emergency scenarios to relevant external agencies

Establish points of contacts with relevant external agencies for emergency handling

Determine and deploy resources as required

Conduct in pilot testing to determine effectiveness of the plan

Recommend improvements to EPRP in alignment with organisational and legislative requirements

Devise Emergency Preparedness and alignment with organisational and and evaluate effectiveness to suggest improvements

Conduct hazard and vulnerability assessments

Identify the types of emergency scenarios for preparedness and response planning relevant to the organisation

Research and evaluate existing information to review and evaluate needs and opportunities for improvement within organisation.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisational EPRP in accordance with organisational and legal requirements

Engage management in driving emergency preparedness for the organisation

Endorse recommendations for EPRP improvements