Dispute Settlement

Conduct investigations and resolve disputes with third parties



Competency Area

Project and Contract Management


Conduct simple checks for irregularities to support investigations

Perform a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment checks and detect defects or flaws in operation

Perform necessary calculations to determine malfunctions or operational needs

Report malfunctions or irregularities in writing

Perform investigations of abnormalities in operations for the resolution of disputes

Apply a range of techniques in investigations and fault analyses

Review data analyses, trend recording of process parameters and alarms

Review and analyse data including technical and human performance factors

Review and analyse data and operation reports to formulate robust investigation conclusions

Interface with opposing parties in dispute settlements to present investigation findings and analysis

Facilitate presentation of findings from investigations

Provide clarification and support to opposing parties queries when required

Adapt language and communication styles appropriately to audience, report purposes and objectives

Interact with opposing parties in the form of face-to-face meetings or teleconferences