Dispute Resolution

Manage disputes by implementing appropriate resolution approaches to find solutions to disagreements



Competency Area

Project Management


Manage dispute resolution to mitigate conflict situations and reach agreeable outcomes

Prepare cases to gather support for positions

Participate in dispute resolution processes to achieve desired dispute resolution outcomes

Obtain concurrence from involved parties to reach dispute resolution

Identify opportunities to strive for negotiation outcomes, to add value to the organisation and achieve win-win outcomes for involved parties

Manage self to maintain composure, self- confidence and resilience when dealing with challenges in the conflict resolution process

Lead dispute mediation to achieve mediation objectives and outcomes for the organisation

Develop and review mediation guidelines, in consultation with stakeholders, to manage mediation processes

Prepare for mediations in accordance with mediation guidelines

Set objectives to guide mediation processes

Use a range of communication techniques to mediate disputes successfully

Evaluate mediation outcomes to determine achievements against objectives and identify potential areas for improvement for future mediations

Research on history of disputes and dispute resolutions within the organisation and with external parties to apply to current and future situations

Influence organisational policies and procedures to strengthen relations, promote harmonious tripartite relations

Review legislative requirements and guidelines regarding labour management relations, industrial practices, compliance requirements and arbitration appropriate to the organisational context

Establish effective working relationships with representatives of government, unions and employers to ensure synergy between tripartite parties, within the Singaporean industrial relations system

Develop organisational policies and processes to strengthen labour and management relations, by engaging unions, government representatives and organisational management in forums and dialogues

Determine the organisation’s position to prepare for collective

bargaining and examine possible causes and sources of conflict

Lead bargaining processes to achieve agreement and mutually acceptable outcomes

Document outcomes of collective bargaining processes to safeguard the interests of stakeholders

Direct the development of systems and processes to ensure agreed outcomes are implemented

Review the effectiveness of bargaining processes to enhance harmonious tripartite relations

Communicate the agreed outcomes from collective bargaining to stakeholders to get their support in the implementation