Design Sketching

Communicate and visualise ideas and designs in accurate form, perspective and proportion through drawing



Competency Area

Technical Drawing


Draw and present an idea accurately to the audience

Identify and research key elements of drawing concepts

Develop drawings with the aim of accurately communicating an idea or design

Adapt drawings to meet different design and technical requirements

Deliver sketches that are clear, communicative and accurate in form and proportion

Refine drawings based on stakeholder feedback

Experiment with different drawing styles and techniques of communicating a design

Refine and update drawing equipment and sketches in use

Utilise new materials to test different drawing and sketching techniques and forms

Manage the development of drawings that communicates and engages stakeholders

Advise on and utilise different drawing-related materials to effectively communicate designs

Liaise with creative teams to facilitate the creative process and delivery of required drawings for the stakeholders

Interpret technical documentations for the development of drawings

Leverage drawing techniques for storytelling of the design

Develop detailed and clear 2D and 3D drawings for stakeholders

Present key drawings to various stakeholders for development of design ideas

Review drawings and design standards to ensure adherence to organisational standards

Guide and develop others in quality drawings and sketching techniques

Define the art direction and sketching style for the organisation

Define and guide the development of drawing and sketching capabilities within the organisation

Develop standards for drawing and sketching for the organisation

Lead the selection of suitable technology and methods to be used for drawing and sketching that are aligned with the organisation’s growth

Inspire stakeholders to explore traditional and contemporary approaches in drawing and sketching