Business-to-Consumer Management

Execute customer management strategies to complete sales of products and services to the satisfaction of customers



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Follow up with customer requests and queries

Follow up on customers request and queries

Apply service recovery procedures to respond to service challenges

Follow organisational processes and procedures to provide prompt and quality customer service

Identify customer needs and expectations

Identify urgent customer needs through assessments

Carry out measures to address urgent customer needs

Create service recovery log to identify opportunities for improvement

Supervise the responses to customer requests and queries to prevent lapses in the delivery of services to customers

Manage customer requests through customer relationship management software to track the status of the delivery of service to customer

Facilitate internal follow- ups to notify urgent service requests

Record service recovery activities to maintain service recovery logs

Carry out collection of customer feedback

Develop a service recovery framework to minimise lapses in the delivery of services to customers

Gather data from service recovery logs to analyse service challenges to ascertain service recovery gaps

Gather feedback from customer service representatives to identify service recovery challenges

Analyse gaps between actual service performance and organisation’s service standards

Analyse service performance levels for effectiveness of actions taken

Develop service recovery framework to address service recovery gaps

Refine the service recovery framework to minimise lapses in the delivery of services to customers

Facilitate review of service recovery framework with multiple internal stakeholders to identify potential gaps and implications

Create service recovery performance metric to measure recovery process performance

Conduct performance review on service operations

Evaluate the effectiveness of service recovery strategies

Modify service recovery framework to reflect service recovery gaps