Audit Management - Quality

Review organisational objectives, policies, procedures, structure, controls and systems to verify that the organisation’s activities are efficiently managed



Competency Area

Quality Assurance


Collect data required for audits

Identify types of audits and their purposes

Identify types of information required for audits

Collect and submit data and other documents according to SOPs

Record results of audits

Support audits of processes and standards and monitor the implementation of follow-up actions

Coordinate with auditees to obtain documents and information relevant to audit scopes

Review documents and information to identify non-conformances in processes and standards

Prepare documentation to be reviewed for external audits

Monitor the implementation of improvement recommendations

Audit processes and standards and review findings for follow-up actions

Identify audit scopes according to organisational requirements

Conduct internal audit programmes

Validate audit findings in accordance with organisational requirements

Review documentation prepared for external audits for adequacy

Facilitate external audits to meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Identify areas of improvement for process and standards compliance

Document audit findings according to organisational procedure

Drive audit processes from planning and opening meetings, through to reporting and follow-up actions

Drive auditing processes across the organisation

Determine the alignment of internal audit programmes with external regulatory and compliance audit requirements

Review audit findings and draw conclusions

Lead and conduct opening and closing meetings

Present audit findings to stakeholders

Recommend improvement measures to reconcile process and standards compliance with internal and external audit requirements