Continuing Professional Development Management

Facilitate the implementation of continuing professional development plans within the organisation to extend, update and maintain the technical competences of professionals



Competency Area

Learning and Development Management


Establish continuing professional development (CPD) plans by undertaking training, coaching and assessments

Arrange CPD events and programmes for staff

Analyse the requirements of CPD from professional and accreditation bodies and plan for alignment of internal CPD plans with professional CPD standards

Monitor personal and team’s CPD progress and document evidence as required

Identify and remove organisational barriers to CPD

Drive continuing professional development (CPD) plans through

Work with key stakeholders to develop and implement effective CPD strategies within the organisation

Liaise with external professional bodies to align internal policies and standards to meet professional accreditation requirements

Promote a culture of CPD within the organisation

Coach and support staff

Review and monitor the performance of third-party vendors and suppliers

Manage alignment of professional standards and improving CPD methodologies

Apply technology-based applications to learning and development activities such as High Definition Distance Learning (HDDL)

Coach, mentor and guide staff in CPD

Monitor staff CPD progress