Organisation Evaluation

Evaluate factors that can affect the organization’s performance as well as strategically assessing the organization’s own resources and potential for improvement



Competency Area

Organisation Analysis


Manage, review and evaluate systems and processes with a view for enhancements

Manage systems and processes to meet organisational guidelines and policies

Review and evaluate systems and processes in accordance with organisational policies to identify areas for improvement

Develop and establish solutions to gaps and areas of improvement to further enhance organisational systems and processes

Adhere to organisational code of conduct, values and ethics when managing and reviewing systems and processes to ensure continued efficiency of organisational business processes

Keep abreast of best practices in managing systems and processes by subscribing to diverse learning channels and participating in peer discussion platforms to enhance own knowledge for workplace application

Lead the conduct of functional analysis and recommending areas for enhancement

Determine need for functional analysis

Determine components of and evaluate critical business functions of the organisation based on existing information

Report findings and possible recommendations to relevant stakeholders for review and decision making

Synergise organisational analysis, evaluating findings and advise on improvements

Determine need for organisational analysis

Review and evaluate findings to determine implications on the organisation

Communicate findings and potential implications to relevant stakeholders

Advise organisational leaders on improvements to organisational structure, culture and systems for follow-up action