Competency Management

Using competencies in various facets of People Management functions and it usually also covers managing the change



Competency Area

Learning & Development


Apply Organisation & Methods to work areas

Demonstrate higher levels of understanding of principles of Organisation & Methods

Ability to draw up an Organisation Chart for different types of organisations

Create a Job Description from scratch for a position

Understaning the FRACing process and apply

Ability to understand all the aspects of the FRAC-

Understand the language, meanings and terminology used in the FRAC methodology

Ability to explain the meaning, use and implication of different terms

FARCing own unit

Ability to document workflow of own Department

Ability to document activities and roles for a given position

Ability to identify gaps and overlaps and incogruencies from the documented Roles

Ability to connect the activties and competency requirement accurately

Understands basics of talent management and different HR processes- their uses and limitations

FRACing other MDOs

Ability to consult other MDOs

Understands and applies problem solving techniques in a group situation

Can communicate clearly with Senior Management, generate discussions and facilitate decsiion making

Understands functioning of organisations and able to communicate implications of a faulty oragisation design aspects