Learner Assessments

Evaluate learners’ knowledge to develop self-regulated learners



Competency Area

Education for Healthcare Professions


Support assessment of newly joined Enrolled Nurses, students and support care staff

Interpret assessment criteria

Participate in continuous professional development to maintain continuing competence requirements

Perform self- assessments

Provide feedback to learners after the completion of assessments

Guide students and nurses in assessment of skills to meet learning outcomes

Gather evidence to demonstrate competence

Identify appropriate assessment tools

Assess learners’ acquisition of required competencies and capabilities for graduation and provision of safe nursing practice

Use assessment data to enhance teaching or learning processes

Maintain accurate records of learners’ progress and achievements for continuous quality improvement and external validation

Develop learners’ assessment frameworks and integrate latest assessment processes

Prepare assessment plans

Conduct pre-assessment discussions with learners to clarify expectations

Gather evidence to support competence assessed

Discuss assessment details with relevant stakeholders

Discuss areas for development or overall career direction with learners

Develop learners’ abilities to engage in critical and constructive self- assessments and peers’ feedback

Monitor learners’ performance and desired outcomes of learning

Develop assessor guides on performing assessments and feedback

Guide development of assessment tools and methods to ascertain learners’ competencies in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains