Inventory Management in Rehabilitation Therapy

Manage inventory control of the department



Competency Area

Department Management


Maintain resource material inventories and equipment

Prepare documentation on inventory levels and equipment status for audit purposes

Manage inventory stocktake performed by therapy assistants where applicable

Implement tracking systems for inventory management

Dispose resource materials according to the department workplace safety and health procedures

Engage relevant parties in the organisation for the repair and maintenance of equipment according to the maintenance cycle

Manage the maintenance of equipment

Check inventory levels against department and audit requirements

Prepare proposals and procurement requests for resource materials and new equipment for departments

Review documentation and audit reports on inventory levels and equipment status

Test new equipment procured for departments against expected performance criteria

Set up protocol for use of equipment

Review proposals for the procurement of new equipment

Review proposals for the procurement of equipment

Advocate for procurement needs for departments

Identify training programmes required for staff to be able to manage the maintenance of equipment

Develop replacement and disposal policies

Monitor utilisation rates

Oversee investigation of anomalies in stock