Intervention Planning in Speech Therapy

Plan interventions with appropriate treatment goals for clients



Competency Area

Patient Care


Select and plan evidence- based interventions for routine cases independently.

Develop appropriate and effective evidence-based therapy plans

Provide relevant precaution measures of therapy interventions to clients

Successfully negotiate short-term and/or long- term goals with client

Ascertain clients’ understanding of the problems and the intervention plans

Perform intervention planning based on organisational and/or departmental standards Educate clients on rationale for interventions

Demonstrate appropriate prioritisations and client review frequency

Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) short- term and long-term goals in collaboration with client and/or family

Communicate intervention plans to clients and/or caregivers

Make referrals to other health professionals when necessary

Identify factors that may have an impact on client goals

Select appropriate measures that reflect achievement of goals set by clients

Consider client-related factors that impact achieving intervention goals

Demonstrate flexibility in the modification of intervention plans where necessary

Assess clients’ suitability to participate in the intervention plan being considered

Develop intervention plans that are evidence- based according to client assessment findings

Identify clients’ motivation influences to implement plans

Integrate other health professionals or therapists’ possible roles and assessment findings in intervention planning, if any

Modify interventions accordingly in response to any client and/or therapy limitations or challenges

Plan for possible contingencies that may affect intervention plans

Discuss pros and cons and/or risks of suggested therapy interventions

Take holistic clinical view during intervention planning

Evaluate and develop clinical practice guidelines relating to client intervention planning.

Apply complex and latest therapy methods in clients’ intervention planning

Identify and use novel available assessment methods to evaluate outcomes

Identify gaps of current intervention planning guidelines with reference to latest evidence

Introduce the use of innovative tools and approaches in goal setting

Foster partnerships to facilitate delivery of interventions

Review trends in intervention planning practices in defined client populations

Refine and approve intervention planning clinical guidelines

Network with professionals across disciplines and with professional organisations or bodies

Collaborate with expert panel or professional organisations in the service delivered